Welcome to the home of B2 Costumes – the Ottawa based costume company run by Brendan Butt. With a wide variety of costumes available for rent – B2 costumes can be your one stop shop for all things costume related.

With stock of extensive stock of Canadian and American military uniform dead stock we can find your films that iconic look for films across modern history. Custom items such as patches available on request. More complicated custom items done on a timeline.

B2 looks out for your budget and works with production to get the best look possible on a short turn around time. Give us a shout!

Looking for something specific? Contact us for quotes and more information on booking. We are also always looking for new and used uniform supplies to add to the collection. Feel free to drop us a line for further inquiries.


Please note that your local municipality may have certain requirements for shooting films with “uniformed” officers involved. Shooting on “private property” may not be enough to cover your ass. B2 costumes reserves the right to ask for proof of proper permitting before renting uniforms to a production. Other terms and conditions may apply.

Samples of our work